Letter to Social Services.

Below is a sample letter you may use to send to Social Services for support for your child(ren). Select and copy the text and then edit the information to your own requirements.

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Re: (persons name), (date of birth), (address)

I would be most grateful if a social worker could contact me at the earliest opportunity in relation to the support needs of my son / daughter, (name), who is on the autistic spectrum. Please arrange an assessment of my child's needs for support, under the NHS and Community Care Act 1990, and my own needs as carer under the Carers and Disabled Children Act 2000.

Some of the needs my child has include:

NOTE TO PARENTS: You may wish to include some of the following examples in your letter and add some of your own.

1. The need to reduce his social isolation, help him leave the house/ bedroom.
2. The need to be able to travel independently and use public transport safely.
3. The need to improve his ability to relate to others (may include social skills). 4. The need to live independently of his parent/ carers (housing options and planning).
5. The need to have someone to talk to outside the family (for example befriender, clubs).
6. The need to develop practical life skills – cooking, laundry, cleaning.
7. The need to develop financial independence/ ability to manage own money.
8. The need for me as a parent include opportunity to occasionally have a break from full time caring for my son / daughter – I am interested in finding out information about respite and similar services – such as social groups, leisure opportunities, local sport clubs etc.. 9. The need for my other child/ren to occasionally have some time with his / her parents without our son / daughter being present – I am interested in any services that your department has, to meet the needs of siblings of disabled children. My needs as a parent and carer are to have my own living space and for my son to grow up able to live independently of me.

Can you provide practical and emotional support services to meet the needs identified during the assessments?

I look forward to hearing from you as soon as practicable.
Best wishes
Yours sincerely
(Parent / Carer signature)
(Parent / Carer name)

The Carers (Equal Opportunities) Act 2004 came into force in April 2005, to make sure carers are able to take up opportunities that people without caring responsibilities often take for granted. For example, working, studying or leisure activities

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