Jargon and Abbreviations

Many people use jargon or abbreviations. This can leave you feeling confused, here are are a few listed to assist you.

A.S.D. = Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

A.S. = Aspergers Syndrome.

I.E.P. = Individual Education Plan.

S.A. = School Action.

S.A.P. = School Action Plus.

S.E.N. = Special Educational Need.

S.E.N.C.O. = Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator.

L.S.A. = Learning Support Assistant.

L.S.S. = Learning Support Services.

S.A.T. = Specialist Autistic Teacher.

E.P. = Educational Psychologist.

S.E.P. = Special Educational Provision.

L.E.A. = Local Education Authority.

C.O.P. = Code of Practice.

D.F.E. = Department for Education.

I.T. = Information Technology.

I.C.A. = Invalid Care Allowance.

D.L.A. = Disabled Living Allowance.

S.D.A. = Severe Disablement Allowance.

S.L.D. = Severe Learning Difficulty.

M.L.D. = Moderate Learning Difficulty.

P.M.L.D. = Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties.

E.B.D. = Emotional and Behavioural Difficulty.

I.P.S.E.A. = Independent Panel for Special Educational Advice.

S.S.D. = Social Services Department.

E.W.O. = Educational Welfare Officer.

S.N.I.P.S. = Special Needs Information Points.

A.C.E. = Advisory Centre for Education.

O.T. = Occupational Therapist.

P.T. = Physiotherapist.

PCP = Person Centred Planning.

DP = Direct Payment(s)

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